Gunpowder Tea

Gunpowder Tea is a video game currently in development by A Study in Expression. The concept and story formed as Joseph Fisher-Schramm experimented with Chris Maltby’s software GB Studio, and follows two lead characters – and their quest to save their country.

Joseph’s original draft – made for original Game Boy using GB Studio, is playable on, here:

In addition, Joseph Fisher-Schramm and a team of musicians have released Gunpowder Tea: The Mixtape, a soundtrack that follows the events of the demo. It is available for streaming and download here:

Joseph also made a short looping animation to a portion of the soundtrack:


Ports is a board game in development by A Study in Expression, in the universe of Gunpowder Tea. Inspired by traditional board games, including chess and The Royal Game of Ur, Ports will follow a simple structure with a surprising amount of strategy and fun.

Ports will have a Kickstarter campaign for official release in spring 2023.